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MapServer Data and OpenLayers Maps

DMSG provides data products for MapServer that can be used as OpenLayers Maps in your web mapping application. DMSG works with industry leading data suppliers including NAVTEQ and DigitalGlobe to provide the best in data products. These products are compatible with MapServer and OpenLayers – industry leading technologies for serving map information to the web and for embedding it in web applications.

Base Map Data for MapServer

DMSG data products for MapServer and OpenLayers provide you with the base data for your application. You can use them exclusively or layer on additional data that is specific to your application.

The key products include street network data at several levels of accuracy and functionality as well as image data.  In addition we offer a global scale product that includes a topography layer.

DMSG supports several delivery options and pricing models including online purchase for Maps for MapServer (M4MS) Standard and and M4MS Global.

Maps for MapServer Demo

Maps for MapServer Samples