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Digital Globe

Adding high quality satellite and aerial imagery to your web mapping application is easy with DigitalGlobe™ ImageBuilder or ImageConnect web services. DMSG can help you get started whether you are a MapServer, OpenLayers or MapGuide user.

Key Benefits to you:

· Acccess to DigitalGlobe’s vast archive of satellite and aerial imagery

· Availability of many additional data layers are available including flood zones, parcel lines, place names, demographics, points of interest and others

· Coverage is global

· Flexible subscription plans help you to manage your costs

· Ready to use in mapping applications – no processing required

· Multiple options for integration in MapServer, OpenLayers and MapGuide

DMSG is an authorized reseller of DigitalGlobe™ products. With our years of experience with web mapping technologies we are uniquely positions to help you get started with digital imagery.

DigitalGlobe™ maintains a wast archive of satellite and aerial imagery with global coverage. The archive can be access through an Open Geospatial Consortium Web Map Service (WMS) making it readily and instantly accessible to any OGC compliant web mapping package DMSG has also developed capability in OpenLayers to directly access DigitalGlobe’s high speed tile API.


The ImageBuilder development toolkit provides access to the worlds most extensive library of high resolution earth imagery collected from Quickbird, (the world’s highest resolution multispectral satellite), Worldview (the world’s highest resolution panchromatic satellite) and the DigitalGlobe™ aerial flight programs. You can also access the best government supplied data from USGX, USDA and NASA.

Image enabling web applications

ImageBuilder lets you create extensive base maps and other image layers for integration and display in a variety of web applications, from portals, to digital mapping services to mobile devices such as GPS and personal navigation devices. With ImageBuilder you can select the development approach that best suits your development environment as we provided 3 different options for bringing the world’s high resolution imagery online. You can opt for a dynamic API – a complete URL based API predicated on HTTP protocol that offers simple yet powerful capabilities to dynamically embed imagery and maps into any Internet aware device or application. Alternatively, opt for a tile API to integrate high speed, tiled imagery into AJAX and Flash applications. Or use WMS, based upon the standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

Integrate seamlessly

ImageBuilder integrates seamlessly into your existing system architecture. You control the look and feel as well as the administration for accessing the world’s largest commercial library of online imagery and maps. Select only the interactive viewing features you want. You get a completely interactive, clickable image capable of rendering dynamic business database information simultaneously with every map view.

Enhance your business

ImageBuilder already powers many of the world’s leading websites with high resolution imagery. ImageBuilder has enhanced the user experience and location sensitivity for real estate listing services, search and map portals and consumer navigation applications with leading companies around the world. It brings added dimension to the digital mapping world that vector maps alone cannot achieve.


DigitalGlobe™ ImageConnect is a unique GIS extension that instantly brings georeferenced high resolution satellite and aerial photos into your GIS project from our online library. You can remove the overhead of integrating imagery into your projects with ImageConnect because it embeds a simple, easy to use toolbar directly into your GIS workspace — no more searching or exporting from multiple data sources.

One comprehensive source of earth imagery

DigitalGlobe™ ImageLibrary is the most comprehensive source of earth imagery, combining aerial and satellite images from our own global collection with the best government data from USGS, USDA, and NASA and constantly refreshing with new imagery every day.

Integrating with mapping software

WMS (Web Mapping Service) technology is transforming how mapping professionals access geospatial content by making imagery and maps more easily available than ever before. With ImageConnect WMS you gain instant online access to a wealth of regularly updated global imagery with a DigitalGlobe URL and password — no software plug ins required.

DigitalGlobe™ WMS service uses an open standard developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and is compatible with web enabled, OGC compliant mapping platforms.

Up and running quickly with WMS

The popularity of creating and using WMS owes a large part to how easily you can get up and running. You just need an URL and password from DigitalGlobe and you gain instant access to our high resolution imagery directly inside your mapping projects. No downloads or special extensions are needed. ImageConnect WMS runs on all mapping software that is WMS enabled.