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DMSG has been in the web mapping business for well over a decade, providing leadership in both tools and application development. DMSG products include MapSherpa and a standardized set of data products for MapServer.

MapSherpa Service

The MapSherpa Service enables organizations with geospatial content to deliver a branded integrated web and mobile experience to their user community. The platform provides an interactive consumers experience for planning trips, or collecting content through a variety of devices, including PC’s, mobile and tablet devices. An interactive user experience affords users the ability to plan trips or collect and share content. Administration tools provide organizations with the ability to manage their users and content as required. For more information contact

Data Products

Maps For Mapserver Premium
From detailed road network data to global terrain data to high resolutions imagery, we have a wide range of data products that work seemlessly with MapServer and OpenLayers.

Checkout our Maps 4 MapServer Product Line.